Burial Rights

  1. When a grave lot is purchased in Oshkosh Cemeteries, specific burial rights are created:

a.) The purchase of a grave lot permits the burial of one full body casket, or one full body casket with one cremains, or two cremains within that space.

b.) There are additional charges beyond the lot price for excavation of the space. See price sheet for details.

c.) Ownership of the land remains with the Catholic Church, through its entities of Catholic Cemeteries and Parishes.

d.) Catholic Cemeteries sets aside in an investment account 30% of the purchase price as part of a Perpetual Care account for long term maintenance.

  1. P1010643Columbarium at Sacred Heart Cemetery
    When a niche in a Columbarium is purchased, specific burial rights are created. Dependent on the size of the niche, either one or two cremains may be interred in that niche.

    Monument dealers will charge for the engraving of the marble door covering over any niche. No additional cemetery fees apply once the niche is purchased.

  2. The Personal Columbarium Garden, newly created at Calvary Cemetery, provides several options for burial:
P1010947Personal Columbarium Garden at Calvary Cemetery

a.) Personal Columbarias are stone monuments of multiple designs with provisions for internment of cremains within the monument.

b.) There are four sizes of spaces being provided to accommodate differing sizes of personal columbaria.

c.) The size/style of each columbarium determines if it can accomodate one, two, three or four cremains.

d.) Monument dealers will charge for the engraving and additional fees of the monument for each subsequent internment, but no additional charges will be incurred from Catholic Cemeteries. 

Preface of Christian Death I, Roman Missal

Lord, for your faithful people, life is changed, not ended. When the body of our earthly dwelling lies in death, we gain an everlasting dwelling place in heaven.

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