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Cemetery Rules and Regulations often seem to be written from a negative viewpoint. They list what you cannot or should not or may never do. Thus, this set of Rules and Regulations for the Catholic Cemeteries of Oshkosh will start with a list of activities and behaviors that you may engage in while visiting our cemeteries.

  1. Please do visit the graves of your loved ones. Bring a lawn chair and sit down and talk to them. They are part of the body of Christ and thus very much remain in our hearts and minds.
  2. Use our Cemetery roads as your walking, running, roller blading or biking trails.While here, think of all the loved ones these graves represent, their lives and their stories.
  3. P1010840Stations of the Cross at Sacred Heart Cemetery
    Come out over noon and have lunch with a mother/father, wife/ husband, brother/sister, child or extended family. Let them know how your day is going, good or bad, and listen for their response in the hours/days ahead.
  4. When extended family visit, make it a point to visit the graves of loved ones, to remember them, to tell the stories you once laughed over, and yes, even cry over the pain of the loss you are still feeling. That’s ok here. This is sacred ground, dedicated to our Roman Catholic belief that we are part of the Body of Christ and that we will all one day be reunited.
  5. We are very proud to have the Stations of the Cross around the Altar and Cross at Sacred Heart Cemetery. Each has a nice marble bench so you can rest while praying. Families have memorialized the benches to remember their loved ones.
  6. PietaPieta at Riverside Cemetery
    Inside of Riverside Catholic Cemetery we have the Pieta, a moving and beautiful representation of the Virgin Mary mourning the body of Jesus Christ. Come and leave your tears and loss at the feet of Our Mother.
  7. We have Monuments to the Unborn at both Sacred Heart and Calvary Catholic Cemeteries. If you have lost a child, either before or after birth, visit one of the monuments to mourn your loss. If you have lost a baby before birth and want to bury him or her in one of our Cemeteries at no cost, please contact our Administrator. 

Preface of Christian Death I, Roman Missal

Lord, for your faithful people, life is changed, not ended. When the body of our earthly dwelling lies in death, we gain an everlasting dwelling place in heaven.

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