Memorial Opportunites

Catholic Cemeteries of Oshkosh, Inc. has in the past been the recipient of memorial funds from families wanting to honor a loved one. Our most recent memorialization project was the installation of the Stations of the Cross at Sacred Heart Cemetery. Benches were installed that provided a place to rest while praying the Stations. Each bench has a name of a family or loved one in memory.

For those seeking to leave a lasting legacy, please consider any of these options:

Columbarium at Calvary Cemetery

Statues of St. Raphael and St. Jude

When Bishop Ricken asked the Catholic Parishes of Oshkosh to take over operation of all three Catholic Cemeteries, we inherited a Columbarium at Calvary Cemetery.  We would like to memorialize our three new funding parishes with statues of St. Raphael the Archangel, St. Jude the Apostle and an appropriate symbol for Most Blessed Sacrament, such as the Last Supper or a Chalice and Host.

Cost: approximately $5,000 to $8,000 for each statue with an appropriate memory plaque.

Stations of the Cross - Sacred Heart Cemetery


Benches may be placed around special monuments in the Cemeteries, such as the Columbarium's, the Pieta Statue, and the Altar in Riverside

Cost:  $1,500.

Monument to the Unborn at
Sacred Heart Cemetery

Engraved Bricks

May be placed by the Stations of the Cross, the Columabriums or around the Monument to the Unborn.

Cost: $150 each or three for $400

Cross and Altar at Sacred Heart Cemetery


Trees are not permitted to be planted near grave sites in our Cemeteries due to the disruptions they can cause to other graves and drainage lines. However, along our road ways and in some selected sections still not fully plotted, memorials may be given for specific landscaping with trees.

Cost:  Contact Cemetery Administrator


Street Signs

Street signs in Riverside and/or Calvary Cemetery, similar to what we have in Sacred Heart Cemetery

Cost:  $1,500 each.


Preface of Christian Death I, Roman Missal

Lord, for your faithful people, life is changed, not ended. When the body of our earthly dwelling lies in death, we gain an everlasting dwelling place in heaven.

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